What we know about the new Mercedes-AMG V-12 engine

Mercedes-Benz has been busy on the motor side of things, with the company unveiling the new V-10-powered Mercedes- AMG V12 in the form of the all-new V-8 Vantage S, and now the V-6 variant.

But, for the first time, we can actually put the new engine to the test with a road test.

The new V6 engine, which was unveiled on the same day as the new car, is powered by a new two-stage turbocharger, and will deliver an average of 220bhp (162kW) and 306Nm of torque.

It will also be able to reach 60mph in 3.8sec (0.8 seconds), but is limited to 0-62mph in just 4.2sec (1.6 seconds).

The new engine is fitted with a five-speed sequential gearbox and the engine has been paired with a new aluminium intake and exhaust manifold and a revised exhaust system.

The car’s design is also updated, with more space between the front axle and the front wing, and the rear suspension has been improved.

Inside, the new interior is much better than its predecessor, with a more comfortable and relaxed feel, and a more luxurious and spacious interior.

However, we will still have to wait until the launch of the new cars to see the final result, which will likely be released next year.

We can expect the V6-powered model to be available in late 2018.

Source The Sport Book | Mercedes-Amg V-Power Engine: V-5/V-6