New Zealand wine has a little more depth than the rest

New Zealand has become a darling of wine aficionados for its diverse wines.

Now a new book titled Wine Country has added the title “Wine Country” to the list.

In the book, author Mark Haskins travels the country from New Zealand’s wine country to the other side of the Pacific Ocean, from Hawaii to California.

Haskin tells Fresh Air’s Terry Gross that the book is about exploring the region’s history and culture while also making the region into an international destination for wine lovers.

Fresh Air host Terry Gross talks with Haskas about the book.

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The book is based on Haskis latest research that documents wine regions from Hawaii, the Philippines, Argentina, Uruguay, and France.

It also looks at New Zealand as an example of the region as an international wine country.

The New Zealand chapter was one of Haski s research, he told Fresh Air.

“I went down there to visit and do some research, and I found it to be a really interesting place, so I decided to write this book.

And that’s exactly what it is.”

Fresh Air’s guest host Terry Perry talks with Mark Hasek about his new book Wine Country.

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“The Wine Country is a fascinating place to be.

There are so many things to see and do and explore, but the one thing you will never forget is the wine.

I have traveled to France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Spain again and again and it is just a wonderful place to see all of the beautiful things that they do.

It’s a beautiful country and so I think there is a lot to learn from it.”

The book also features interviews with wine makers, including local and national wine ambassadors.

Haseko is now looking for other authors to write books about New Zealand.

FreshAir host Terry Perry talks with author Mark Hoppe about his book Wine County.

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