‘We’re a winner’: The rise of the megamillions

More than two million tickets have been sold for the Australian grand final between the Queensland Reds and the Western Bulldogs, the first of many big events to be played in a bid to raise money for the local charities that help out local families.

The grand final was originally scheduled for the weekend of October 2 and was supposed to be the highlight of the tournament, but it was moved to Sunday, a decision which has seen ticket sales explode.

“This was the biggest ticketed event in Australia for two decades,” the RSPCA Queensland regional director John Stoddart said.

“[But] it was also the biggest and most expensive one to date.”

“We’re very fortunate we’ve got a fantastic team in the organisation and they’re able to raise $1.5 million through this event.”

The Reds have already received more than $1 million in donations since the event was announced, with the largest donations coming from a $1,500 donation from a former employee.

More than a million tickets were also sold for a pre-match show on Sunday, with tickets for the second leg at ANZ Stadium expected to sell out in about an hour.

It’s also worth noting that tickets for this year’s finals will be sold online, rather than at the ticket office.

Tickets will go on sale on Wednesday, with more than 1,400 tickets for all three grand finals set to be sold on that day.

For a list of all the ticketing options, visit foxsports.com.au/ticket.