How to win the 2017 Wine Glass Challenge

The 2017 Wineglass Challenge was a challenge to find the best red wine glasses for a limited time.

Each person had to get their hand on the perfect glass to win. 

To be eligible for the competition, you had to be a Red Wine Insider, a wine enthusiast, or a professional wine-tasting expert.

The winner will receive a special Red Wine Glass.

The competition ended on November 17, and the winners were announced on November 19.

The 2017 winners were: Nina Lees (Lanthanum, Australia) Lincoln Bogle (Nike, Australia, Canada) Sharon Dennison (Nas, Australia & France) Daniel Bogle-Brown (Bordeaux, France) Bobby Bogle and his wife, Michelle, (Nassau, New York) Dana Bogle of Wines of the East (Brooklyn, New Jersey) James Bogle, Jr. (San Francisco, California) Karen Bogle & her husband, Jim, (Somerville, Massachusetts) Andrew Bogle’s family, (Boston, Massachusetts & New York City) Marilyn Bogle who owns the Bogle Wine Shop (Houston, Texas) Paul Bogle with his wife (New York City, New Yorker) J. Paul Bogle. 

James & his family (Austin, Texas, & New York, New Yorkers) Caleb Bogle from the Wine Institute (Boston) Sebastian Bogle (Sauvignon, France, & Brooklyn, New Yorks) John Bogle – Souvenir Glass (New Jersey,  & New Orleans, LA) Michael Bogle as his grandson, Paul, and his girlfriend, Karen, (New Orleans, Louisiana) Jack Bogle Jr. as his grandfather, Jack, (Atlanta, Georgia) Hilary Bogle aka Honey Boo Boo (Charlotte, North Carolina) Tanya Bogle(New York, NY) Erika Bogle for her work with the American Academy of Art, (New Jersey)