When Coppola wines were so expensive they were banned from arenas

WASHINGTON (AP) The NHL’s governing body voted to ban Coppolas from the NHL’s venues by the end of the season.

The league announced Tuesday that it will not allow Coppas from its stadiums until at least Dec. 14, 2019, to prevent them from using their products in the league’s competitions.

The NHL says it is considering other possible measures.

The league says the Coppa ban will be effective until at-large teams, which currently hold playoff berths, can play in their venues.

The ban would apply to all outdoor and indoor venues, which includes arenas, practice ice and all indoor-only games.

It would not affect indoor games played in the confines of arenas.

The Copparols’ popularity with fans and sponsors has long been a point of contention in the NHL.

Coppars have also been a cause of controversy in recent years with their products being marketed as healthful.