Why wine & spirits: This is what you need to know

When it comes to food, there is no substitute for wine & beer.

So what can you do to enjoy the benefits of wine & alcohol?

The answers can be found in this article on wine & food.1.

Drink more of it The main reason why wine & beers are the best to enjoy is because they contain less calories than other foods, which in turn gives them a great energy boost.2.

Drink lots of water & water-rich beverages The best way to drink wine & the best way of eating wine & its related drinks is to consume lots of fresh water &/or drink lots of alcohol.3.

Eat fermented foods & drink fermented foods like fermented cheese & fermented vegetables to increase the bioavailable nutrients that help to balance the body’s energy levels.4.

Drink less water & drink more water-free beverages like fruit juice & other fermented beverages like milk.5.

Get your hands on a dehydrating water bottle & drink the fluids & electrolytes they contain & enjoy the hydration.6.

Take the time to make your own alcohol-free wines & you can do this easily & without paying.7.

Take a few weeks off to enjoy your favorite wines & beers at home & relax.8.

Eat a lot of fermented foods.

Take an organic & fresh fermented vegetable like cauliflower & a few days of fermented dairy like milk or yogurt & try to get as much bioavailable antioxidants as possible.9.

Drink fermented foods in moderation.

If you like fermented foods, try to eat a lot more fermented vegetables & dairy than fermented fruit & drink as much water & electrolyte as possible, as they are the healthiest & most bioavailable of all fermented foods.(Source: Biosource)10.

Drink a lot less water and drink more alcohol & you’ll be able to enjoy a whole lot more energy & clarity of mind & a healthier body.