‘Hail Mary’: Wine stopper hits a winning number for Cherry Wine


— A cherry wine stopper hit a winning “Hail Maria” number on the lottery.

The winning number of a popular lottery number was #4, but the ticket maker did not reveal the winner until Wednesday.

The lottery was closed Tuesday night.

A ticket holder, who asked not to be named, told the Palm Beach Post that he was watching the number from his home in West Palm Beach, Florida, when the number was announced.

The ticket holder said he was very pleased with the win and was glad to have won it.

The number was revealed at a press conference Tuesday night, and the ticket holder was not able to say anything.

The lottery is not a public service and there is no official word from the ticket seller.

The Florida Lottery and Gaming Commission said the number is an “honorary win” and was “recognized by the winning number makers.”

The winning numbers are determined by the number of tickets sold in the first four days of the season.