How to Buy Wine Coolers with Next Big Futures

The latest in the world of wine coolers is about to get a lot more exciting.

Wine Cooler maker and inventor Maximus is bringing a new wine cooler to market.

The first-of-its-kind wine cooler will be sold in the US at Costco, with the first shipment arriving in January.

The cooler will have a capacity of two bottles and can be used for a maximum of six people.

Wine coolers have become a popular way to save money, especially for the older and less-expensive wine.

The company says its wine cooler costs less than $50 to make.

The wine cooler is a product of Maximus, a Swiss wine manufacturer, and its co-founder, Fabian Niedermayer.

The wine cooler consists of a metal rimmed container with a hollowed-out wine glass, which holds six bottles.

The glass can be filled with wine or water, and the glass is then filled with a wine-like liquid.

The company says it has created a wine cooler that can fit up to three people.

Maximus says the wine cooler can be configured with either wine or cold water.

The temperature is regulated by the wine cooler’s temperature control mechanism.

Maximis says it hopes to have its wine cool, and drinkable, wine cool ready for customers by early 2018.

The price is set at $249.99, and it will go on sale in February.