How to watch Super Rugby – who will take the field?

The game has been rebranded and the Australian Rugby League Commission has announced that the 2017 season will feature a new format, with four divisions and seven teams.

The format has been designed to give the game a more competitive edge, with teams playing at the top of their divisions.

The competition will now be based around four divisions, with the top eight teams in each division playing the finals series.

The four divisions will be: Australian, New Zealand, South Africa and Samoa.

There will be five teams in the Top 8, with two from each division.

There are three teams in every division that will be playing in the finals and one that will not, the other being the South African side that lost to the Barbarians in the 2017 World Cup.

The top three teams from each of those divisions will advance to the semi-finals, with each team playing one match against the other, with a quarter-final at the end.

The remaining four teams will play each other in a single-elimination playoff.

The winners of that playoff will advance straight to the finals.

This will mean the sides who have been best in their division will be able to move on to face the semi finalists, while the other semi-finalists will have to wait for the final against the eventual champions. 

It will be interesting to see how the competition develops, with players from the other divisions still having the opportunity to play for their country. 

There will be two groups of four teams from the Australian side, with one from each side playing the final.

There is also a fifth team from New Zealand and one from Samoa, with an equal number of the other four sides playing each other. 

The winner of the three-legged final will be crowned Rugby League World Cup Champion and will have the opportunity of competing for the World Cup with the two sides who finished second and third. 

Players from the two teams that finished second in their respective divisions will also compete in the semi and semi-grand finals, with Australia, New York, London and Glasgow being the first teams to enter the two-leg tournament. 

AFL and NRL clubs will also have a chance to enter, with all teams playing the second leg on Saturday (AEST) at the Gabba. 

All of the teams are scheduled to play at home on Saturday and Sunday, with games being broadcast on Fox Sports. 

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