Mulled wine: A more traditional tasting

I’m about to embark on a new season of Mulled Wine.

The term, coined by my good friend and fellow wine writer, J. Michael and wife, Tanya, comes from a very popular cocktail made by the folks at Riva.

The Riva version, which is a mix of gin and maraschino cherries, comes with a very specific, very distinct flavor.

The original version is called the Tinted and the Riva versions are called the Dark.

And the dark one?

The dark one is a malty, rich wine with a slightly sweet taste.

You get a bit of sweetness and the cherry flavor from the grape, and the maraschi and a bit more grape and the wine finishes with a nice finish.

The Tint, on the other hand, has a very subtle taste.

It has a hint of sweetness.

And, by the way, this is what happens to the grapes after they are rinsed off.

You can see it in the photo below.

Now, I know I’m not the only one who’s looking for a different kind of Mulling Wine to go with their favorite cocktail.

It’s a little more versatile than just a dark and bitter wine, and there are lots of options available to complement this wine.

What you want to do is mix up a drink with a light and refreshing malty finish.

Here are some ideas that I think will be good for mulling wine lovers.

A chilled iced cider: Mix up a chilled icicle iced cocktail by pairing a chilled chilled ice cold iced iced tea iced wine with some chilled Ice cold Ice iced water Ice tea Citrus juice: Ice the ice with a lemon peel or orange peel Ice limeade: A limeade of your choice (salt, pepper, etc.)

Dill pickle: Pair a lemon and dill pickles with some cucumber or onion in ice Ice cream: Combine your favorite ice cream flavors to make a creamy iced cream iced milk iced yogurt Ice punch: Fill an ice punch with ice, lemon, orange, or whatever fruit you like Cranberry ice cream: This is a good way to add a little crunch to your iced drink Cherry ice cream Ice yogurt: Cranberries and ice, or you can go for the iced dessert route and make iced strawberry ice cream