Who will win the Australian Open?

The Australian Open is on a long and difficult stretch and it’s time for us to give our predictions for the first-round and the final.

Here’s a look at who is on the ropes, who is in a strong position and who has the edge heading into the final round.


David Ferrer David Ferrers has had a rough couple of weeks.

The No. 1 seed is off to a 2-2 start at this tournament, losing his first match against the Australian Davis Cup champion Simon Ruggiero.

The Australian is off form since winning the Australian open two years ago and hasn’t played a match since June.

He has yet to win a set, has lost six straight and lost to Federer and Novak Djokovic.


Jiri Vesely Jiri is still in the thick of things and has already reached the final in each of his three matches at the Australian.

Vesey is playing at the age of 25, but his play is a little rusty, with only one set point in three matches.

He’s a big favorite to win the tournament, but he needs to improve his form to have any chance.


Rafael Nadal Rafael Nadals first win of the year came against Federer in June and has been struggling for form since.

Nadals is still playing at an elite level and he’s not finished his run, losing to David Ferrier in the first round and Fabio Fognini in the second.

He lost to a resurgent Fabio Garicich in the fourth round, but that was enough to earn him a win.


Jurgen Novak Jurgens last two wins have been against the No. 2 seed, Stan Wawrinka, and the No 2 seed Marin Cilic.

It has been a long road back for Novak, who dropped his first two matches.

Novak is still not in the best form and he needs more time to get back to the level he showed in the final of last year’s Australian Open.


Novik Djokic The Serbian is looking to bounce back after his disappointing showing at the US Open and is in excellent form.

He beat Marin Cliches first set in their semifinal, but then lost to Wawrs second set in a three set match.

Djok is a great player but he’s also had a couple of rough weeks.

Djoko has won just two matches since June and lost in the quarterfinals to Tomic.


Novitore Zverev The Russian has been playing at a higher level this year and has improved in every match he has played so far.

Zvereva has only lost once this year.

The Serb is still struggling for consistency and he is off the pace with two losses in a row.


Fabio Caruana The Czech is off his best form.

His last two matches have been tough for the Spaniard, who has lost three of his last four matches.

Caruana is on fire right now and will have a tough time staying out of the top 10, but a strong run through the second round and a big upset win against Novak could see him climb back to his best.


Novaki Kudryavtsev Novaki has struggled with injuries this year, which has limited his form.

The 22-year-old has only played five matches this year but has been one of the best players in the tournament.

He is on pace to win his second Australian Open title and is one of a few players in contention for the title.


Juri Tsvetkova The Russian is a young man who has only had two matches this season and has lost to Janko Olofs.

He was a surprise choice for the Australian title but is looking like the underdog heading into his match against Tsvet.


Stan Wewell The Czech has had an off year and it has impacted his play.

Wewells last two victories have been over Rafa Nadals and Garicic.

He won his first set against Garicics second set and lost a set to Nadals second set.

The Czechs form has dipped a bit since June, and it will be tough to see him make it to the finals.


Rafael Verdasco Verdas is back to playing well after missing most of last season with a foot injury.

Verdas has a shot at winning the title this year as he’s been hitting a new level.

Verdavs best chance to win is to beat a big name, but even if Verdas does that, it will still be a tough battle for the Russian.


Novaz Djokovi Djok’s last two sets have been pretty tough.

Djos was able to defeat Garicica in the semifinals and it wasn’t enough to win him the Australian Championship.

The Russian’s only win in this year’s tournament came against Gariccic, who he lost to in the semi-finals.