Which wine are you drinking right now?

Next BigFuture: Burgundy wine is definitely the most expensive wine in the world.

It is also the most popular, and it is made with a blend of grapes from different regions of France, with the most premium reds and whites being the most sought-after.

Burgundy wines are typically more expensive than their white counterparts because the grapes are grown in more densely populated areas, and they are more prone to disease.

Burgundies wine range in price from about $15-$20 for a 750 ml bottle, which is a significant jump from the $10-$15 price of a bottle of white wine.

Burgherys wine is also made by hand, which means the bottles are made by a single person who knows how to make wine, rather than being made by two people, according to wine blogger Dr. Dan Gaffey.

Burghers wine is made by aging the grapes in wine barrels for four months, which creates the perfect climate for fermentation to occur.

This allows the grapes to naturally ferment for years, and can help preserve a wine’s character.

A bottle of Burgher’s Burgundy Wine is made using a blend in which the grapes were grown in densely populated French regions.